被窝里的公息第十三章Haskellers interact, talk and collaborate across several mediums and around the world. There are places to learn, to teach, to ask questions, and to find contributors and collaborators.

Online Communities and Social Resources

被窝里的公息第十三章Haskellers are active on a number of online areas, but the most busy are below:

In-person Groups and Meetups

被窝里的公息第十三章There are a number of Haskell Users groups where haskellers meet to learn and code. Some are listed below:

Conferences and Events

There are a number of conferences and events featuring Haskell, some focusing on the academic side of things, and some on the commercial or hobbyist side. Here are just a few:

Academic Conferences

Non-Academic Conferences


被窝里的公息第十三章Haskell Hackathons are a long tradition, with lots of learning and social exchange. In many ways they function as semi-structured conferences. Here are some of the most notable:

Specific Interest Groups