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General Haskell questions; extended discussions.

被窝里的公息第十三章Forum in which it’s acceptable to ask anything, no matter how naive, and get polite replies.

Haskell Announcements

Announcements only.

被窝里的公息第十三章Intended to be a low-bandwidth list, to which it is safe to subscribe without risking being buried in email. If a thread becomes longer than a handful of messages, please transfer to Haskell-Cafe.


Beginner-level, i.e., elementary, Haskell questions and discussions. Any newbie question is welcome.

Haskell Community

Discussions and feedback regarding planned and/or upcoming community-related decisions. Subscribe if you want to be in the know and participate in the decision-making process of the committee.

Other mailing lists

被窝里的公息第十三章There are many lists hosted on, though be warned some are no longer active. The complete list is .